(Automated) Vulnerability Analysis is Hard

How much vulnerability analysis can we automate? How complete, and reliable, are those results? How well can we even answer those questions? Digital Operatives has been exploring questions like these for quite a while and the answer may be “much less than you...

Unintended Consequences of Equation Group Malware

Can wrongfully or rightfully convicted criminals start to seek appeals on the basis of new evidence that shows that our Forensic “Experts” rely heavily on forensic write-blockers that can be proven to be worthless when their is malware inside the firmware of the device you are creating a forensic image of?

Hackers That Solve Problems

Digital Operatives develops low-cost, high-payoff technologies that help to radically change the game. We like using creativity and innovation when advising clients because at the end of the day, thinking strategically in this age is the only way to be successful.